This Turkey Decoy System will let you add 180 degree rotation and feeding motion to your turkey decoys without the need for wind, electronics or a hunting blind. Adding controlled decoy motion to your turkey decoys will help you get more birds into shooting range over any other calling method. This is a great system for archery hunters who need to get the birds in close and for those who have difficulty in getting birds into shooting range due to poor calling skills. In addition this Turkey Decoy System is legal in forty eight states.

Turkey Hunters, I am proud to introduce you to my Turkey Decoy System that addresses the hangup problem that we all encounter when we are calling in gobblers. My field testing of this turkey decoy stake has showed me that by applying decoy motion to my hen decoy will almost completely eliminate any gobbler from hanging up. This Turkey Decoy System amazingly fools the gobbler's instincts into thinking the moving decoy is a real bird. It has given me some of the greatest days that I ever had in the field. I can ensure you that the innovation of this Turkey Decoy System will bring fresh opportunities to every turkey hunter who uses it. The performance of this system is absolutely amazing and is exactly what you need to breakdown a hungup gobbler and help you to become a more successful turkey hunter.




Turkey Decoy System      $24.95   + S&H    Please wait for animation to load. 



  • Decoy Motion with mimimum hidden finger movement on monofilament spool.
  • 180 Degrees Rotation & Feeding Position.
  • Two Springs utilized to allow for continues motion to be applied to decoy.
  • Lock Bead on spool to lock decoy in any position within 180 degrees rotation.
  • Metal Spikes on both stakes that makes the system easier to setup on hard ground.
  • Push Plug on the top section of the stake that locks the stake to the decoy.
  • Line Guard on spool stake to hold line in proper position when line is picked up.
  • Two Line Beads used to form a fast loop for attachment to the decoy's neck.
  • Instructions for Setup & Decoy Motion Techniques come with each system.
  • 100ft 14lb Test Monofilament Line  loaded onto the spool.



  • Why do gobblers hangup?  When a gobbler approaches a point where he can see into the area where he heard the calling, the bird will switch from his hearing to his superior eye site to look for a hen. If the gobbler does not see a hen, he will hangup almost every time. If you are not using decoys and the bird does not see a hen, believe me, you have to be an expert caller with lots of experience in calling to break him down and get him into shooting range. Even good turkey hunters have great difficulty in getting some birds into shooting range when not using decoys.
  • What is a hangup?    A hangup is when a gobbler stops and will not approach any closer to the area where you are calling from.
  • Why don't wind movement decoys work every time? Because a decoy is not moving 80% of your setup time. The wind will only move a decoy less than 20% of the time. A gobbler will respond positively just about every time he sees a moving decoy.
  • What's the solution? Simple! Use a moving decoy hen that moves on your commands. 


Tom, two hens came to the decoy and rubbed against it. I pulled the string and they didn't even flinch. They wanted the decoy to go with them. They talked the whole time to the decoy. I kept pulling the string and they just wanted it to go with them. They walked into the woods wondering why it didn't go with them. Does your system work? Yes! The day before I pulled the string and a long beard walked right up to the decoy. I missed it with my bow. Your system is really fun to use.  Thank you Tom for everything.         Gary Martin, Homer City, PA

I know if you try this turkey decoy stake it will help you to become a more successful turkey hunter. Decoy motion works! Remember you don't need good luck when you use the Turkey Decoy System, this system is so effective it will give you the means to create it. The next time a big gobbler turns and walks away before he gets into your gun range, remember there is a solution, the Turkey Decoy System.

"When you use decoy motion you can create unlimited success", Tom Barr.

If you need more information contact Tom Barr:  

717-359-0945      or

Please specify your decoy's manufacturer & type with order. Decoys are not included with this system.

- Feather Flex(R) decoys;  System works with any hen decoy from following decoys: New Purrfect Pair, Signature Series Hen, Signature Three Position Hen, Love Triangle Flock.


To order send $24.95 + $4.05 for S&H to Tom Barr at following address:

6 Meadowview Court, Littlestown, PA 17340

Payment by check or money order only.

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